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Holley’s Stix Performance Based Clubfitting System

Are you a golfer who is searching for improvements in Distance, Trajectory, Accuracy or Control of your golf shots? There are more than 20 variables to a set of golf clubs that can affect performance. The analysis and coordination of these variables will determine the appropriate component design and assembly that will address the golfer’s game improvement objectives. Holley’s Stix at Cedar Creek Sports Center will address these variables and make recommendations to meet the game improvement objectives through the use of the “Holley’s Stix Performance Based Clubfitting System. Click here to read about the benefits of Performance Based Clubfitting.

Performance Based Clubfitting Sessions can be personalized to cover full set fittings as described below, or focus on specific areas of the set, such as Driver Fittings or Putter Fittings.

Basics of the Holley’s Stix Performance Based Clubfitting System


Identify the golfer’s objective and how the expected improvements will be measured.

Collect detailed measurements of the golfer’s physical characteristics such as height, wrist to floor measurement, and swing characteristics such as golf swing speed, tempo, and release point, using an AccuSport Vector X Launch Monitor.

Collect detailed performance data using the golfer’s current club.

Collect additional performance data using Holley’s Stix fitting clubs to determine appropriate specifications.


Determine recommendations and specification based on Assessment.

Final Assembly and Delivery:

Assemble all clubs per specifications.

Deliver and gather performance data.

Follow up and adjust as necessary.

Every step in the Holley’s Stix Performance Based Clubfitting System is documented using Holley’s Stix detailed data collection forms.  The complete details of the clubfitting Performance Based assembly process are provided to the golfer with Final Assembly and Delivery.

The measurement and analysis tools that we use during the custom club assembly process include club and golfer rulers, grip sizers, AccuSport Vector X Launch Monitor, swing speed radar and tempo analyzer, digital video camera, shaft “spine finder,” flat line oscillation (FLO) tester, shaft frequency analyzer, PCS Equalizer and an MOI Matching System.  Computer software is used in support of the PCS Equalizer, shaft profiling, MOI Matching, and digital camera, as well as documentation for all of the final assembly results.  Final assembly of clubs is available using the True Length Technology® charts.